April 3


Edit UIM MENU with IBM i RDI

By NickLitten

April 3, 2019

RDi, IBM i

How to Edit UIM MENUs with Rational Developer for IBM i

Today I be mainly playing with UIM MENU’s

that bloke from the fast show

… and I found that Rational Developer for IBM i doesn’t come out of the box ready to edit UIM MENU source types!

So, if like me, you are playing with UIM Menu’s make sure you add the source type menu to RDi to enjoy a cleaner editing experience.

window | preferences | LPEX EDITOR | parsers | parser associations
Edit uim menu with ibm i rdi 1

Once you have added UIM to source type MENU, you can enjoy UIM syntax editing in your MENU source types:

Edit uim menu with ibm i rdi 2

Damn… some of these blogs are dry, dull and boring 🙂

But hopefully it helps someone out.

  • Que tal…
    Sabes como se debe hacer para ingresar en al campo action un programa con parametros, por ejemplo el que te indico aqui al momento de compilar me da error, que falta un punto.

    .* ————————————————
    :menui option=32
    action=’CMD CALL PGM(QGPL/PRUEBA) PARM(‘ ‘)’

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