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October 15, 2020

Facemasks are the new Chique

By NickLitten

October 15, 2020

facemask, corona, covid

Covid Facemasks have become a new religion

The World Health Organization seems to sum this up very nicely. Listen to medical experts recommend who should wear masks and when to wear one:

This is common sense, right?

Medical Experts recommend something different to what politicians recommend. The medical world stands apart from Government’s brutal lockdown protocols of *everyvun vill vear a mask AT ALL ZEE TIMES* mandates.

Who do you think is a better source of medical advice – a doctor or a politician?

Health Experts, Virus Doctors and Medical Scientists of the World Health Organization recommend:

Wear a Medical Mask

  • if you are health worker
  • if you have Flu/Covid symptoms
  • if you care for someone that has Flu/Covid symptoms

Wear a Medical Mask, or Fabric Mask

  • if you are traveling/working in an area rich with contagious Covid+ people

Wear a fabric mask

  • if you have no symptoms but suspect you are in an area rich with contagious Covid+ people
  • if you cannot do 1 metre (3 feet social distancing)
  • if you cannot do 1 metre because of your job – servers, cashiers, tellers, etc
  • if you cannot do 1 metre in crowded public locations like busses, share taxis, workplaces

If you do not match these requirements you do not need a facemask

However, if it makes you happy to be abundantly precautious then wear one. Why not?

People have done this for years, wearing a facemask if they have cold/flu to protect fellow passengers that are too close on public transport!

Facemasks have now been normalized and hopefully, people will feel happier donning them whenever they get a sniffle.

But if you want to wear a medical mask — don’t enforce your abundance of precaution on other people!

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