December 13


Force the web browser to be ENGLISH in foreign language countries

By NickLitten

December 13, 2022

English, Browser, Language

Q — How can I force my browser to be English when I am travelling?

Depending on your preferred browser, each one will do this automatically for you. Some browsers do it transparently under the covers (MS Edge I am looking at you), some need a plugin to make it happen (Chrome & Firefox).

For me, Microsoft Edge is the clear winner.

Since moving to Spain, and while I am learning this pesky language with way too many Thhh, Ethhh and J’s that sounds like Y’s — I’ve been struggling to understand Spanish web pages. Luckily for me, browser translate is something that is magical.

Browsers come and go in the fashion stakes. I currently favour Edge, but this time last year I was an avid Firefox user. The year before Chrome and Opera. Before that I’ve been a brief Brave fan boy and of course, use Safari on my Apple devices. But recently, I’ve been all about the Edge – it just works and feels faster than Chrome so… let’s look at how to set these browsers up:

  • Great video, the idiot idea of using the local language while traveling just has to go away. Who wanted this in the first place. I was very annoyed when I went to Israel in 2012.. The Google logo I understood, nothing else.

    • Yes – I had the same complaints when I first landed in Spain: Every account from banking to Amazon all switched to Spanish. It took me some head scratching to figure out the best plugins for the job. Now, my school boy Spanish doesn’t have to come out to help me surf 😉

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