Free IBM AS400

September 13, 2015

Free IBM AS400

By NickLitten

September 13, 2015

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Do you want to play with an IBM i System?

Do you want to test compatibility with old AS400 and iSeries applications?

Do you want to fiddle with IBM i?

Try – the famous public IBM i server for !

Free ibm as400

PUB400 is the successor of PUB1 – the worlds famous public AS/400 system with more than 40.000 users.

Now you will have access to the most recent operating system IBM i 7.3 with all new features you need to learn about the fantastic operating system IBM i and its open source capabilities.

The use of this server is free for everyone’s learning purposes including 250MB of storage. Please take note that commercial usage is not allowed.

Do you want to learn the latest IBM i features and be a PDP God for a day?

IBM’s *FREE* Power Development Platform (PDP) is the bomb dot com. PDP is Power Cloud that enables developers and offers no-charge remote access to IBM hardware. check it out

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