Funny Spam mail from Grill Insider


Apr 24

Artificial Intelligence can be Artificial Stupidity when sending spam mail

This morning I had a quick browse of my email junk folder looking for those sometimes incorrectly flagged spam mails. I saw this flagged spam mail from Grill Insiders. It’s a proper spam mail, automatically generated by Grill Insiders email generator that obviously needs a little tweaking:

Funny Spam mail from Grill Insider 1

So, last year I wrote this very dry technical blog about editing IBM i UIM Menus. The IBM® i user interface manager (UIM) is a part of the system that allows you to define menu panels and dialogs for your application.

Absolutely nothing to do with cooking!

It looks like the blog was automatically scraped and their not so intelligent spam mailer decided that because it uses the word menu it must be to do with cooking or grilling.

I stumbled upon your website a little while ago while doing research for a topic and saw you created this page about cooking which really caught my attention, great tips we can all use!

Grill Insider Spam Mail Generator

I’m so glad that my instructions on how to use the IBM Rational Developer for editing IBM Menus caught the attention of these passionate meat grillers LOL

I’m a little surprised they enjoyed my software development tips quite that much, but at least it really caught their attention and these tips are things that they can all use 🙂

Funny Spam mail from Grill Insider 2

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