Getting the Snip 

 June 10, 2019

By  NickLitten

I got the SNIP recently, but that’s whole different story to this very boring technical one…

How to assign a keyboard shortcut to the Windows Snipping Tool

I’ve been using the windows snipping tool a lot recently — to capture various 5250 screens and document them. I just remembered how to setup the tool against a keyboard shortcut and its worth noting it here. It makes life easier for us simple minded IBM I programmers, that for sure.

Right click on the icon for the SNIPPING TOOL and select properties.

Getting the Snip 1
Goto Properties for your SNIPPING TOOL

Now goto the SHORTCUT key area and choose the keyboard combo you want to use to automatically launch the snipper:

Getting the Snip 2
CTRL/SHIFT/S is my choice

and that’s IT šŸ™‚

Now you can simply press CTRL+SHIFT+S at any time and the screen snipper will appear allowing you to grab and annotate any screen snips you wish. This makes the tedious task of technical documentation much easier.

Yay me!


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Nick Litten

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