February 26


How long does Protonmail take to import emails?

By NickLitten

February 26, 2023

PROTON, email

Migrating from Gmail to Protonmail took just over an hour for 24k emails

I’ve been using Gmail since the early 2000’s – Yikes!! Over twenty years of my digital life stored on Google’s servers? No wonder they bombard me with very specific targetted advertising 😉

I originally watched the import process and was bemoaning the slow speed because it shows only 250’ish emails imported:

Protonmail import

However – what it actually showed was 250 emails in my main INBOX but it had thousands of emails that had been affected by the google filters that had imported. Most of my emails are collected by filters and archived and filtered away from the inbox.

The nice thing was that emails that had already been read status where imported with the same status.

So, actually around 24k emails imported in an hour. With oldest emails dating back to 2001.

How long does protonmail take to import emails
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