June 29


How to copy IBM i IFS folder

By NickLitten

June 29, 2019


AKA – How to copy IBM i IFS folder and all subfolders and documents to a new Location

I just upgraded a clients PRESTO Server to the current version 8.1

What is Presto? It’s commonly called an IBM i Modernization Application : Essentially transforming the old fashioned AS400 style Green Screen terminals to modern Webstyle graphical screens. But you knew that anyway right?

Me, stating the obvious June 2019

Once the upgrade was completed, I happily launched the signon screen excited to see what I could play with using the new Presto Screen Designer and *boom* error messages saying “javascript not found”

This is because the upgrade process did not copy the custom theme subfolder from the old version. I hunted this down and then realised I had to copy the folder and all related sub-folders and documents to the new server IFS location

Use ‘CPY SUBTREE(*ALL)’ to Copy an IFS folder to new location

Copy IFS Folder using IBM i CPY command:

CPY ?OBJ('/esdi/xl_presto_old/skins/Pacific') TODIR('/esdi/xl_presto/skins/Pacific') SUBTREE(*ALL)                           
How to copy ibm i ifs folder 1

When it finished I got a nice little message saying:

1658 objects copied.  0 objects failed. 

And that’s that – simples

The only reason I’m typing this is because I googled it, wondering if there was a new DUPLICATE IFS command out there. But I discovered lots of webpages talking about writing programs to do this, or saving and restoring, and these techniques are just not needed: the simple CPY command does it all.


  • Hi Nick.
    How can I copy a streamfile to the same directory but with another name?
    To understand, something like this:

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