How to install WDSC – the SDA and RLU alternative

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February 19, 2010

How to install WDSC – the SDA and RLU alternative

By NickLitten

February 19, 2010


WDSC is a terrific graphical Coding Tool for the IBMi – Best in class of the ‘free as400 coding’ tools.

For editing RPG and/or CL its a no brainer. Clean screen editing and a whole bunch of very cool tools that simply blow the old SEU environment out of the water.

“But what about the old SDA warhorse” I hear you ask.

Perhaps some of you are even, secretly, using RLU for your printer file layouts. (RLU gets a bad rap imho – I kinnd of like it, but thats another story completely)

SDA/RLU with WDSC 7 SDA is very easy to use with WDSC, once you have found out how to get it running: The WDSC-SDA component is called ‘CODE Designer’ and is included on one of the CDs distributed with WDSC 7.0. However, it’s not installed by the WDSC installer. I dont know why its not installed by default – IBM are a bit crazy like that.

After WDSC is installed, you have to put the CODE CD into the drive and run the install program for that CD. WDSC 7.0 includes CODE and it works just fine on Win XP, Vista and Win7 (as I have it running on all three versions)

WDSC SDA Installation WDSC 7.0 has 9 cds – but the pack should have an additional 5 CD’s – one of them will say “for Windows Operating System Optional Software This CD-ROM contains the following: CoOperative Development Environment and VisualAge RPG V6.0 component installation. That’s the CD you’re looking for.

  • Hello Nick, I just trying WDSC instead of SEU and it’s great! But I can’t find the RLU And SDA Editor, I think is CODE the name of the app, fix myself If I’m wrong or let me know the way to install it.
    Thanks again for share.

  • Hi Nick, you know where I find The WDSC-SDA component called ‘CODE Designer” ? I just Install WSDC Ver7 But the I only have the LPEX Editor. Best Regards,
    By the way I don’t have the CD.

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