August 29


How to Sync Google Outlook calendar contacts tasks notes – now that Google Calendar Sync is DEAD :(

By NickLitten

August 29, 2015

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UPDATE JUNE 2018 Sadly FIELDSTONE stopped supporting gSyncit V4 when they released a new version, cunningly called gSyncit V5. Now if I want to continue using this to sync my devices I have to pay again! Which sucks 🙁

I now use the new kid on the block OUTLOOK GOOGLE CALENDAR SYNC which keeps my calendar and contacts synchronized across all my devices. It’s open source and free! #thumbsup

Now back to the original blog from 2015:

I was crying when I found out that Google Calendar Sync was no longer working. Sadly Google Calendar Sync has been sunsetted by the g-team <sarcasm>”Thanks Google!”</sarcasm>.

But don’t worry – I’ve found an excellent replacement which works even better.

I now use a neat little sync tool called GSYNKIT: gSyncit is a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows for the synchronization of Outlook calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks with your Google account. In addition, gSyncit also supports synchronization between Outlook and Toodledo,Pocket Informant Online, Evernote, Dropbox, Simplenote and Nozbe.   For example – add a meeting in outlook and it appears on my phone… edit on my phone and it updates back in my OUTLOOK. GSYNKIT is a paid app but it’s free to try out for a single account… thats right, the free version lets you sync one outlook calendar to one Google calendar in two ways. That is probably enough for most users but for $20 you get the fully automated, pro version.

I donated $20 and now fully sync my personal Android devices, with my work Windows Devices and my Apple Macbook over multiple email accounts and multiple calendars. Big thumbs up!

Try it.. love it… buy it… (I am not affiliated with this product in any way it’s just a neat little tool that saves me time on a near daily basis)

If you’re a Google Mail user then you should check it out.

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