November 16


How to Update IBM i ACS Access Client Solutions

By NickLitten

November 16, 2017

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OK. I will admit that I’m a fan of IBM i ACS, it’s a long awaited breath of fresh air and a great replacement for the old AS400 Client Access connectivity suite. So when I foggily log on to my windows machine, gulping the mornings first scalding mouthful of todays (slightly dodgy tasting if truth be told) cup of coffee I’m quite excited when I see a message telling me I can Update IBM i ACS:

“IBM i Access Client Solutions An Update is available”

Update ibm i acs

IBM i ACS Update is available and even though it’s only a minor one its still nice to have so lets click the upgrade button.

Wait. There isnt one!

We are IBM, so in true IBM style, we are not going to tell you how to do it!  *sigh*

IBM i Access Client Solutions is the newest member of the IBM i Access family. It provides a Java based, platform-independent interface that runs on most operating systems that support Java, including Linux, Mac, and Windows™. We are proud of IBM i ACS and we are going to release regular updates but not tell you how to install them.

Propeller Heads at IBM

Welcome to the world of IBM Software.


Update acs

Only joking.  It doesn’t exist.

So lets do this manually.

The *real* UPDATE Instructions

Womble off to the main IBM i ACS webpage or skip all that nonsense and just grab the update yourself. The latest updates are available at IBM i Access Client Solutions base package.

You will need to login and download the latest cumulative fixpack and basically install it over the top of what you already have.

Log in to ibm

If you don’t already have an account create one – I suggest you use your personal email and then you can keep the same login information wherever you go in your career. Once you log in, update your profile info (IBM always prompts you to keep this current) and then goto the download screen.

You can download the updates using the IBM Download manager, which works fine, but I prefer to use HTTP:

Download latest ibm i access client solutions 2017 with http

This ZIP file is the full IBM i ACS repository in a ZIP. You simply unzip it wherever you wish and then goto the WINDOWS_APPLICATION folder and run the installer – either 32 or 62 bit depending on your flavor.

If you are unsure of version – run the UNINSTALL first and the INSTALLER.

Thats it – upgrade completed.

It’s a little messy but it works … most of the time.

If you have problems running the JAVA installer

(Like I did) then just unzip it over the old version.

Find your current install folder

Mine lives in DOCUMENTS > IBMiACCESS_V1r1

and just unzip the folder over the top:

How to update ibm i acs access client solutions 1

Then run the ACSBUNDLE.JAR to restart it again:

Update ibm i acs

Cludgy Upgrade completed

Slurp coffee… realize it’s cold… go get another one. And a doughnut.

A delicious ball of sugary dough fried in Hogsfat and washed down with bitter coffee beans utterly boiled to death in rancid tap water.

Every upgrade needs a doughnut



  • Thanks for this. I was swearing up a storm because there wasn’t an update button, and the thought of having to reinstall on every workstation was making me swear even more. Your process is much easier and will save me quite a bit of time!

  • Hi Nick. I used your notes to do my own desktop update. (The latest unpacked version is on a server.)

    I see that my desktop ACS now reflects the latest version. But how can I tell what was updated on my desktop?

    • When you unzip into a folder, that loads all the new files. You can just run that, clicking the ACSBUNDLE.JAR – or you can install it fully using the installer in the *_application folders. Personally, I just use it standalone and run the JAR 😉

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