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I cant see the IFS Network Share – is my IFS profile disabled?

By NickLitten

May 2, 2016

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IFS profile disabled?

So, I have a love/hate relationship with IBM i’s integrated File System (IFS)

  • Does you keep getting asked for username and password when accessing a windows IFS share?
  • Are you confused why the share to your IBM I Server cannot be viewed in Windows Explorer?
  • Can you view the IFS from one user profile but not with another?
  • Are you swearing at IBM i Access saying things like “Client Access is M&$%”#F*&”%K!”?

For me, the answer to all three questions is frequently “Yes” but luckily, the solution to all three problems is most likely the same thing : my IBM i User profile password has been entered incorrectly and it’s been disabled.

Now this is where the confusion can set in.

Remember, the IFS Network shares are handled by the NETSERVER which is running on your IBM i System. Rather confusingly this network share will allow you access to the IFS but if you repeatedly enter your password wrong it will disable the network share portion of your profile while leaving the rest of the profile enabled — So, you can signon and off and it looks good but all the while you will find that your netserver part of the profile has been disabled.

How can I check if I’ve been disabled?

Open System i Navigator from your desktop and expand the target IBM i System -> Network -> Servers -> TCP/IP. Right-click on I5/OS NetServer and select “Disabled User IDs”.

you can then see the disabled profiles – remember these are not DISABLED PROFILES these are noral IBM i profiles which have the IFS ACCESS part of their config disabled. Enable them to your hearts delight!

If you want to re-enable the netserver portion as a quick and dirty hack just issue a CHGUSRPRF on that user name from the green screen or have the user issue a CHGPRF (no password changes required)… this action will reset and re-enable their netserver attributes.

  • I get a Windows error if I try to access the IFS file share, or server via \MyIFS_ServerName. But I can access it through Navigator. There are no disabled profiles. My boss can access via Windows. But not me.
    Ideas ?

  • I tried to map a drive letter to it, and got an error that the share requires obsolete SMB1 protocol, but my system requires SMB2 Red-Herring, or part of the problem ?

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