IBM i ACS 5250 EMULATOR FONT – and other ridiculous mumbo jumbo


May 28

What’s in a font? Lots of things make our life easier as IBM i Programmers. Working with a clean, easy to read 5250 terminal mode is one of the them. I’m a big fan of Mochasoft terminal emulator, but growing to love the new IBM i ACS (Access Client Solutions) with its multi-tabbed approach to telnet sessions.

Access Client Solutions – ACS – what a stupid overly complicated name? Why didnt IBM just call it “IBM i Terminal” or something like that. Look at other products in this space: Putty, TN5250, Mochasoft, etc Putty is the one that sticks in your mind right? /rantover

Anyhooo, traditional IBM i Signon Sessions are presented as black screens with green text. I prefer to use a white background with black text. This is easy to change by simply clicking EDIT > PREFERENCES > APPEARANCE > COLOR and changing the background color to white. Then change the color for GREEN to something you find easy to read (black or a dark grey always looks good):

While I’m at it. I looked at all the available fonts this morning. I like the default IBM3270 but feel that there must be a better monospaced font out there. In my mission to check, I flicked through all the fonts and grabbed a quick screenshot to compare them.

If you want to play with font, make sure you are in windowed mode and goto EDIT > PREFERENCES > APPEARANCE > FONT > STOPSTATINGTHEOBVIOUS

Spoiler Alert – I ended up back with the default font IBM 2170 because it’s the cleanest looking.

IBM i ACS Change Font

Compare all 5250 Fonts with the same screen

IBM i ACS Select Display Font

You can change the font on the fly, to see what each screen will look like. Most are pretty easy on the eye, apart from the really stupid ones. So here is every font, previewd in the same IBM i Main Menu screen:




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