August 16


IBM i gets a medieval System Reset Button

By NickLitten

August 16, 2017

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IBM i System Reset Button

Breaking news from a medieval insider at the IBM laboratory rochest’r, mn – in ‘rd’r to bett’r competeth with the growing competition from microsoft s’rv’rs, ibm plans to installeth a big r’d did reset button on the newly did announce pow’r systems and changeth all ibm i op’rating system ‘rr’r message text to readeth “gen’ral protection fault – presseth did reset. ”

This new favour shall giveth ibm custom’rs the ability to competeth head-to-head with microsoft windows s’rv’rs

Ibm i system reset button

Rum’r’d plans to revitalize the green screen 5250 t’rminals to handleth a g. S. O. D. (#greenscreenofdeath) seemeth liketh a huge improvement to #ibmi adding directly competing functionality with the microsoft windows family of software

Th’re is additional talketh of adding anoth’r favour yond shall randomly causeth the system to restart ‘r lockup f’r nay apparent reasoneth. Because of the stable nature of the ibm i op’rating system ’twill beest sore to apace implementeth this favour and th’ref’re shall has’t to cometh at a lat’r date

With features liketh these ’twill giveth custom’rs coequal less reasoneth to moveth to microsoft s’rv’rs

Earli’r v’rsions of this did reset button did include infamous the ctrl/alt/del safety selection whose concept wast stolen the grandfath’r of anoth’r companies und’rcov’r mole

  • Nick Litten, I really much enjoy your writing style and your comment, but I think every single thing puton paper made from trees or on a web page should have a timestamp. At the very least a date.

    Please? Thank you!


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