IBM RDi Rational Developer Ports 

 April 22, 2020

By  NickLitten

IBM RDi Rational Developer Ports

What TCPIP ports are used by IBM RD/i?

I’ve been struggling to get Rational Developer working while remote during the ‘Rona. While I’m working locked in my cellar, candles flickering, dogs growling and rats a scurrying, my laptop is connected with VPN and my guess is that VPN is blocking ports that RD/i needs for the connection.

So what does I need to open for IBM RDi Rational Developer Ports?

If you are remote and see this glorious error message:

IBM RDi Rational Developer Ports
EVFC9104 IBM Rational Developer Ports

The chances are you need to open some ports in your VPN or firewall configuration.

The mandatory ports for Rdi are: 8470, 8475, 8476, 446, 449

We also have some optional ports for Debug, IFS etc: 8473, 8472, 4300, 3825

Going into these ports in some more details

Product functionRequired TCP/IP ports on IBM i
Remote System Explorer functions: including filtering, editing, compiling, and running8470: IBM i central server
8475: IBM i remote command server
8476: IBM i signon server
446: IBM i DRDA® (record access) server
449: IBM i server mapper server
Integrated File System (IFS) access8473: IBM i file server
Interactive job support (via the STRRSESVR command)8472: IBM i data queue server
Local port for interactive job support (via the STRRSESVR command)4300: Remote System Explorer communications daemon.
This is a local workstation port that the STRRSESVR command uses to monitor “call backs” from the IBM i server to your local workstation.
Local port for integrated i Debugger3825: Debugger server
This is the local port the debugger uses to communicate with the IBM i.

You need ports 847084758476446, and 449 to remain open for proper functioning of the product.

However, you only need to keep the IFS and Interactive job support ports open if you require those functions.

To change the local Remote System Explorer port that your workstation uses to connect to the IBM i server:

  1. From the workbench menu bar, click Window > Preferences.
  2. Expand Remote Systems and click Communications to select it.
  3. You can change the port number in the RSE Communications daemon port number field.

To change the port that the debugger server listens on, use the IBM i WRKSRVTBLE command and add or change the entry QDBGSVR2.

If this entry is not found in the table, the debugger server listens on the default port 3825


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