Install LANSA AXES – Automatic Web Interface for IBM i (AS/400) 5250 Applications


Jul 23

Now that’s a mouthful!

So, I’ve been asked to install the latest July 2019 version of Lansa Axes (v4.2.0) for a client. Axes is a web application, running on your IBM i Server, which will replace old traditional green-screen 5250 terminal screens like this:

Plain green screen terminal login screen

to this:

The same login screen in a browser

Remove any previous versions of LANSA AXES

GO LICPGM and option 10 to view your licensed programs. This install had an error from a failed previous upgrade (hence asking me to help) so I decided to do a clean install:

We need to delete the old server:


Check that libraries AXES, AXESJSM, JSMINSTALL are empty. If not, delete all objects inside.

Check IFS folder /axes and /axesjsm – if they are there, delete them.

Check DSPSFWRSC and make sure there are no licensed programs for 1AXES01 installed.


Now lets do a full fresh install of Axes 4.2

How to install Lansa Axes 4.2

Assuming you have already downloaded the install *SAVF and used FTP to upload it to SAVF(QGPL/AXINSPKG)

Check the system values

System ValueRequired Value
QUTCOFFSETMust be set to something
QAUTOVRTA large number or *NOMAX

Run the install


After a few seconds you will see the install confirmation screen:

make a note of the port numbers

Press F8 to install and read the LICENSE screen and press ENTER, this will then show you the CONFIRMATION screen:

Now sit and wait.. the install took over 5 minutes on this slow old IBM i Server (running IBM i V7R1). While its running you will be looking at a delightfully blank screen with a very dull status message on the bottom row:

The install took several minutes for me, but your mileage may vary.

Once it’s installed – its now time to start the AXES Web Server using command:


Check all the settings and start the server:

Perhaps this blog is getting waay too long. I will create a new new one going through the Axes server setup, port assignments and other techno-guff in a few days.

**blog showing AXES in action – coming soon**


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