January 28


“Turnover Change Management” Graphical Editor Error Message

By NickLitten

January 28, 2018


TURNOVER Client for Windows

I really like the Softlanding (aka Unicom) TURNOVER for Windows, aka Turnover CLIENT aka Turnover Graphical Editor. It’s simple to use, not as clunky and old fashioned as the terminal based green screen menus and it’s just simple. Being simple myself, I like simple. 😉


Some people love the graphical editor.
Some dinosaurs people love the green screen terminal mode editor.

With this mix of people using Turnover it sometimes causes confusion. I prefer the graphical editor, it has so many more features its just a blindingly obvious choice, but for green-screen brigade we need to hold their hands a little.

Sometimes the old fashioned green errors can be a little *cough* ambiguous.

Here’s a problem that has bitten me a few times.

Turnover Graphical Editor leaves application lock in green screen

If someone uses the turnover client to update an app it sometimes leaves it flagged as CHECKED OUT… so you cannot get into it in green screen.

Like this:

Turnover graphical editor error message

Well…. not quite…. Several of my colleagues and customers have reported this as a problem.

But, if you read that message closer, it is stating the application has previously been edited with the graphical editor. It’s a warning – not an error!

If you press ENTER you will be placed into the 5250 interface application editing panels.

One caveat, after you edit in 5250, a job name AAAA.RR.VV, or application code.relese number.version number which will build an XML file with before and after images of the change. Sometimes when the customer does not have the proper version of Java license on the system this job fails and leaves a lock on the application.

When using the GUI to edit / create an application a record is written to the PF TARCAUDF with *APP in the first 3 characters.

You can remove these from the file using SQL and a delete statement where BLTYPE = ‘*APP”. This will eliminate the message screen on 5250 editing of application until someone edits or opens that application in the GUI again.

File(TARCAUDF) looks like this:

 Field  Size/Type
 BLKEY  50 A
 BLDATE 10,0 L
 BLOUTD 10,0 L
 BLCMT  4098 A
 BLBLOB 42,0 1 4215

You can clear all the turnover locks with a little loosey-goosey SQL

delete from tarcaudf where bltype = '*APP'

Obviously – this is a use at your own risk piece of SQL.

I remember back in the olden days, I jokingly told a new boy that the big red pull out switch on the front of the System38 was a *choke* which would warm the engine up on a cold day. One cold Saturday morning he tried it. *sigh* If you are old enough to know what I’m talking about you will understand when I say “use at your own rick”?

  • Took me a minute to find that TARCAUDF reference, thanks for keeping it on the site! I wrote it down this time, lol. Thank you Nick!

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