New (PROBLEMATIC) Watch – William Wood Valiant the Bronze Special Edition

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December 16, 2021

New (PROBLEMATIC) Watch – William Wood Valiant the Bronze Special Edition

By NickLitten

December 16, 2021

William Wood, Bronze, Valiant, Watch

New (PROBLEMATIC) Watch – William Wood Valiant the Bronze Special Edition

New (problematic) watch - william wood valiant the bronze special edition 1

UPDATED JULY 2023 – After 2 years the watch has started leaking water into the casing. Discovered while swimming in my pool. So Sad. Even though the divers watch is under warranty, I’ve been told this doesn’t cover water leaks! For a dive watch I find that surprising. It has tight seals all around, winder is secure as usual and even the bezel feels solid, no damage or leak areas I can see but water inside will rust and seize this mechanism quickly. Very Sad. After talking to William Wood Service Center they say it will cost $300 plus PARTS plus TAXES plus SHIPPING…. Could be north of $700!!! Very sad to see the company doesn’t stand by its products after such a short time and careful ownership. 🙁
So, reluctantly, the William Wood Falls Off My Recommended Watch List and I’m going to invest that money in a different more resilient dive brand… maybe a vintage Seiko

Me – with a sad tear in my eye
Leaking water william wood dive watch

My new William Wood Valiant (Bronze Special Edition) just arrived after swimming across the pond.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this bronze marvel gains some patina #williamwood

Several cool aspects of this watch:

(a) it comes in steel as standard and this is a limited edition run of 200 made from Bronze so it’s numbered and (insert squeeky nerd voice) it has my name embossed on the back

(b) the company is named after the Founders grandfather, a Fireman, and a tiny bit of a genuine vintage bronze firehelmet is melted down and included in the winder and

(c) the strap is repurposed firehose!

Very, very cool watch.

Shall we unbox this Bronze Beauty?

I’m delighted (even if the strap should be a bigger, to properly fit man-size BFG wrists).

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