One of my heroes is Dave Litten (Google him).

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August 5, 2007

One of my heroes is Dave Litten (Google him).

By NickLitten

August 5, 2007

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‘Uncle Dave’, as I like to call him, is a world class trainer in all aspects of project management; notably PMBOK® and Prince2®. He’s a big name in the field of Project Management Training and has spent decades being flown all over the world to host PM training courses.

Fast forward twenty years and this jet-set lifestyle prompted Dave to decide to sell his house in Southampton (back in the rainy old country) and move to Spain. Even though this was a few years ago, Dave only just starting to tune down his travelling agenda and spend some time at home working on other ventures: Namely the creation of digital products and training courses.

So, in semi-part-timeish-retirement (if that is the word) Dave runs his business exclusively from his custom designed villa overlooking the Med.

What a life – Creating best selling products in his niche (Project Management) and making money through digital products on the Internet.

Family lunch with dave litten and the clan

A couple of weeks back, I used my air miles to fly over to Spain to visit Dave for his Birthday weekend – a great excuse for a family gathering and few Sangrias by the pool. [On a side note, travel arrangements for my long weekend in Spain couldn’t have been more screwed due to USAirways overbooking my flight and giving me the honour of being the randomly selected passenger that was bumped off the flight and rescheduled for a new route via London – this turned into a mini-adventure, taking *much* longer than anticipated and adding a whole new level of excitement when I tried to fly home and discovered that I had forgotten my Green Card so was not allowed on the return flight. Stuck in Madrid with no phone, a maxxed credit card and no Spanglish language skills apart from ordering a large beer and asking for ‘La Quenta Por Favor’…

Dave and I spent every morning with a selection of Spanish Coffees planning a new website – aimed at being an insight into his daily life as he creates digital products, develops new project management training courses and generally enjoys his life from his villa in Spain.

Whilst creating his Project Management information products, one of the things that became obvious, is that Dave is very good at was making video training courses.

So while I was building his new WordPress Based CMS Website for Davelitten dot com – Dave and I started work on a fantastically obvious training product: The Projex Academy. The Projex Academy will be a full collection of  Project Management Training Courses Online video training is all the rage as streaming video becomes common, and many people prefer to watch video than read copy (do you?)

Dave is creating simple, join-the-dots tutorials based on the onsite training courses he has been running for years. I think you will want to Join the Projex Academy if you are planning on starting a career as a project manager or taking further accreditation to enhance your project management skills.

Check out Daves website as well – he is a charismatic chap, one of my personal heroes and a good old fashioned genuine guy.

Love and Hug’s big fella! 😉

  • I agree with you when you say (Oncle Dave Litten is my Hero). He is mine too. The man is genious; stupendous mad skills in teaching Project Management; be it Ms-P, Prince, Prince2, Uncle Litten is just the Leo Messi of Project management training. Period.

  • Dave Litten is my hero too. Thanks to his teaching methods I aced my Prince 2 Foundation and Practitioner exams.

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