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April 23, 2019

RPG Divide and Move Remainder – DIV MVR in ILE RPGLE /FREE

By NickLitten

April 23, 2019

RPG, MVR, programming

This is purely a little memory jogger for me. Nothing to read here move along move along…..

I just upgraded an old program that had a piece of code doing this:

C  DS#POS    Div     256         POSLIN 
C            Mvr     POSCOL

This old RPG400 code is reading the cursor position from the display file information data structure and doing some divisions then MOVING REMAINDER into a field to find the column. Quite smelly code I know, but also code that doesnt translate into modern RPG very well.

I had to scratch my head to remember how to do DIVISION and REMAINDERS in modern ILE RPG. so decided to quickly blog it so that I dont forget again.

I changed the file information data structure into a qualified data structure and then rewrote it in modern RPG like this:

poslin = infds_dspf.RowColumn / 256;
poscol = %rem(infds_dspf.RowColumn:256);

Some of the archaic whiff has been polished off. It’s nice because you dont need the actual divison statement anymore you can use a much simpler, cleaner %REM big to get your remainder:


C  A Div 256 B
C         Mvr C


C = %rem(A:256);

Still Confused?

Here is a little example from the IBM Manual:

dcl-s A int(10) inz(123);                   
dcl-s B int(10) inz(27);
dcl-s DIV int(10);
dcl-s REM int(10);
dcl-s E int(10);

DIV = %DIV(A:B); // DIV is now 4
REM = %REM(A:B); // REM is now 15
E = DIV*B + REM; // E is now 123

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