September 29


What is an RPG Open Access Handler?

By NickLitten

September 29, 2017

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It’s not someone that makes door handles is it? In software development a handler is a routine/function/method specializing in working with a certain type of data or focused on doing a special task. For example: Event handler – Receives and digests events and signals from the surrounding system (e.g. OS or GUI) or RPG HANDLER – Send/Receives data from the IO device (e.g. PF/DSPF/PRTF) to another source (e.g. IFS, XML, JSON).

In RPG a Handler handles more than just Lions

  1. 1.
    a person who handles or deals with certain articles or commodities.
    “a baggage handler”
  2. 2.
    a person who trains or has charge of an animal.
    “the performance of dog and handler in the ring must be accurate and correct”

If you are an IBM i RPG programmer then a HANDLER is the interface/method which handle the communication with the wide range of available resources and devices.

I’ve been playing with handlers for a while now and managed to store lots of interesting documents and code snippets. So, it’s time to put them all in one place so I can refer to them and also hopefully help some other RPG nerds out…

Where can I find technical information on how to use an RPG HANDLER?

I highly recommend downloading and consuming this presentation PARTNER400_-_RPG_Open_Access_By_Example

Jon Paris has written several excellent articles about RPG OPEN ACCESS

Here are links to a few:

V7’s RPG Enhancements Include Open Access! – Jon Paris (April 2010)

Exploring Open Access for RPG – Jon Paris and Susan Gantner (July 2010)

Getting a Handle on RPGís Open Access – Discover how simple it is to create a generic handler – Jon Paris and Susan Gantner (July 2010) – Browser implementation of a print report’s-open-access/

Buffer handler for Currency Exchange web service:

Creating an OA CSV Writer’s-Open-Access/

Handling Input Handlers With RPG Open Access – Basic Input CSV handler:

Making the CSV reader more flexible:

More Flexible Handler –

Some other Providers (for Open Access Handlers)

  • Hello. Sometimes I get close to RPG-OA and then run away like a coward. Honestly, I don’t understand anything. A very simple question: can I develop an RPG program that can interact with a web page (something in HTML) in such a way that it can capture information, so that it is no longer necessary to work with green screens?
    What should I know to start working with web pages with RPG?

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