August 16


Send IBM i Email including SQL Table Data automatically

By NickLitten

August 16, 2017

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Have you ever wanted to extract some data out of an IBMi/AS400 file using SQL and then email that data to someone as an Excel Spreadsheet?

Now you can… all from one IBMi command without having to write any CL code to do it.

Distribute iseries data using sql

Projex4i: DSTDTA command now handles SQL STRINGS for selecting data

I added this new function to the PROJEX4i – Distribute Data command last night – so it can now take a bite of selected data using SQL and send it as a TXT, CSV, XML or PDF as EMAIL.

Huge time saver for me and has been on my wish-list for ages.


 DATASQL('select * from CSP20 where CONO20 = ''??'' and PSTD20 between 1061001 and 1101022')
 SUBJECT('Here is the spreadsheet for data range 10/01/2010 thru 10/22/2010')
 IFSDOC('CSP20 Spreadsheet')

This captures the list of data selected by your SQL statement, converts that data in a spreadsheet and saves it in the IFS – then it converts the spreadsheet to the format you selected (plain TXT, PDF, XML, CSV) and emails it directly to the address you specified on the command using the IBM i SNDSMTPEMM command. The new version allows you to choose between using SNDSMTPEMM, MMAIL and SNDDST as your email delivery mechanism.

It’s a thing of beauty.

Hope it helps somebody.

  • Nick… love your bio! Don’t know how old this blog/post is, but jic you’re still checking it…

    I need to email an IFS excel spreadsheet from the iSeries to Outlook. After days of unsuccessful
    attempts to use the “SNDDST” command (it always errored out with “Folder Not Found” message)
    I’m now trying to use the “SNDSMTPEMM” command. I guess I made some progress… now it errors
    out with “File Not Found” message. See below. So I guess it is finding the folder(s)… but not the file.
    My FolderName/FileName syntax is: ‘/CompanyName/EXCEL/IT/EXPLOTS.CSV’ with EXPLOTS.CSV
    being the file name, of course. And yes, it definitely exists in the IT folder.

    I saw a few posts in other “help” websites reporting the exact same error problem…
    but I didn’t see any explanations/resolutions.

    How is your nifty DSTSTA command different/better than the SNDSMTPEMM command…
    and do you have any ideas on why my SNDSMTPEMM command can’t find the specified file?
    Much thanx…

    Integrated File System File Not Found.
    Send E-mail Failed.
    Function check. TCP5092 unmonitored by EXCELTEST at statement 0000002101
    instruction X’0000′.
    TCP5092 received by procedure EXCELTEST. (C D I R)

    Randy Stratton

    • Firstly – *whoa* this is an old comment at I missed and
      Secondly – assuming you found the problem what was it? I always use WRKLNK ‘/CompanyName/EXCEL/IT/EXPLOTS.CSV’ to check if the IFS location is valid 😉

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