Software Change Management TURNOVER Tutorial for IBM i, iSeries and AS400


Aug 13


No, I will not be teaching you how to bake a #APPLETURNOVER

We will be delving into the slightly less delicious world of software change management for RPG Programmers and IBM i Software Developers.

I’ve been working on a freelance gig for some time now and the client uses Turnover (by Unicom) to manage their software development on their development system – an IBM Power System running the IBM i operating system. Software Change Management TURNOVER Tutorial for IBM i, iSeries and AS400 1The Project involved writing some web-services to provide a web based interface between an old #ERP system and a new PHP enhanced warehousing system. There is a small team of programmers on the project but software change management is just as important with a small team as it is with a huge global one… so lets create a quick a dirty little “TURNOVER Tutorial”

TURNOVER for IBM I Systems (also the older AS400 and iSeries)

Part 1 – Using Turnover Projects and Tasks

Part 2 – Checking out code, editing and compiling using the Programmers Work list

Part 3 – Promoting code using Turnover Forms

NOTE: None of this information is sensitive or top secret — so I hope it helps any IBM i or RPG freshers out there to gain a simple understanding of the software development lifecycle and how it works with Turnover Change Management.


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