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February 4, 2022

Stefan Kudla – Software Developer, Musician and Artist

By NickLitten

February 4, 2022

Stefan Kudla – Glancing at Software Development

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been mentoring a young man by the name of Stefan Kudla.

By mentoring I mean – helping him take his first steps into the wonderful world of programming, website design, application modernization and the zillion other fields within the programming universe. Many years ago, my route was more formal, with training courses, archaic paper books and following the older more stuffy training styles.

I wish I had a mentor and am enjoying the process of donning my old man cap and spewing ideas and experience.

Stefan kudla website

Working with Stefan has given me a great insight into a different generations learning style. Hopefully he has gained just as much from my (questionable) knowledge of this confusing world of Information Technology.

Focusing on his journey into programming languages, website design, user experience and interfaces, I’ve enjoyed watching him consume programming hints and tips and apply them to his growing website.

Stef’s already an accomplished musician and musical beats producer – who has recently decided to apply his artistic talents to the world of software development.

Programming is Art

It’s always seemed strange to me that so many people think of programmers as square, stuffy people without an artistic bone in their bodies.

I’ve always argued that the exact opposite is true.

While programming has science and logic as it’s bones, the pumping heart of software creation is an artistic muscle.

When designing a database, or building an application or just maintaining an old bit of program code – artistic synapses are firing.

We were discussing this a few minutes ago and he said something along the lines of “software development feels like music composition in the same was that it involves recognizing patterns and building feelings and emotions in the code”

Smart Young Fella!

In Stefan’s own words:

I’m a Czech/American Software Developer living Β in Las Vegas, Nevada. I design websites, produce music, and consume copious amounts of coffee. My journey has granted me a wonderful experience honing my skills as a developer, and helping others turn their visions into something beautiful.

Stefan The Kudla

I’m looking forward to many years of working with Stefan and enjoying his growth and watching him blossom into a successful web- designer, programmer and IT Nerd.

… or watch him turn into a gray haired sandal wearing old techno-hippy like me πŸ˜‰

Why not visit Stefan and leave a LIKE or a +VE COMMENT

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