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June 13, 2021

Home Exchange is pretty pretty pretty good

Seriously – you can travel the world, swapping your home with some else’s for nothing!

You can exchange your home for your next vacation and have an unforgettable travel experience. With more than 450,000 homes in 187 countries, HomeExchange is the world leader in home exchange vacations. Discover an authentic, affordable, and safe way to travel the world.

The Home Exchange website is a game-changer

We are off to Palm Springs, California for a long weekend next month. Then a week in Siesta Key Florida in July. Then off to Hawaii for Thanksgiving. All for nothing but the costs of flights!

While we are visiting our new home exchange friend’s houses they will be visiting ours. They get to explore Las Vegas and we get to explore their home locations. All home Exchange members are vetted, background checks, and of course we get to have long video calls with each swapper to make sure we are completely happy before agreeing on the exchange. Simply a terrific idea.

Swap Homes and Travel the World - Join Home Exchange 1

If you can work remotely and love to travel you can either swap houses with people all over the world or use guest points to travel for weekends anywhere for $free (‘guest points’ are like air-miles that you earn from letting people stay at your house)Interested?

By joining Home Exchange you can help grow a trustful community of travelers, and invite them to experience the most human, responsible, and affordable way to travel.

There are two ways of using Home Exchange:

  1. Exchange with other members – they stay at yours, and you stay at theirs
  2. Earn GP (Guest Points) by letting people visit your house while you do something else. Business Trip? Visit friends for a weekend? The best thing is – you can spend your accumulated GP on trips of your own without spending a $$.

Go and sign up using this referral link which will earn YOU guest points for a free weekend anywhere in the world and for us too 🙂

Swap Homes and Travel the World - Join Home Exchange 2


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