April 12


Tango Litten the crazy Boykin Spaniel

By NickLitten

April 12, 2016

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April 2016 see’s the latest addition to the Litten Clan


Our fun but pesky pup Bailey has reached the age of majority and its time he had a playmate.

After some soul searching and lots of craigslist searching, I found his perfect buddy.

Meet Tango Litten

— a one year old Boykin (boykins are slightly smaller than springers but with all the same energy, trickiness and effervescence for life).

The little bugger has already fit into our active lifestyle and is a constant source of laughter and joy.

Tango litten the crazy boykin spaniel 1

First night with the new family was the only night that the bed survived without being humped, bitten, licked and just puppy-bashed to pieces.

Tango litten the crazy boykin spaniel 2

He’s a whirling brown dervish. You just dont appreciate how hard it was to capture this split second of him sitting still enough to take a photo.

Tango is 1year old… many years of joy and doggy mayhem ahead of us.


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