Turnover User Profiles – Setup IBM i *USRPRF in Turnover Change Management tool


May 11

So, we have IBM i User profiles defined and these users now want to use TURNOVER – so what next? Luckily, defining a user is very simple just launch Turnover (in this blog I use the Windows version running on Windows10) and click the machine you want to administer.


click SYSTEM | Administation | Users and selected the group you want to work with:

Turnover User Profiles

If you select and existing user or add a new one you will see :

NOTE: Remember to add users to appropriate Approval Lists if necessary.

We can also do these same functions using the basic green screen interface.


The TURNOVER menu looks like this:

Taking option 3 lets us maintain the user profiles that are allowed to (a) use turnover and (b) define the roles of that person:

Once you have selected the various options (using an X) you must also assign appropriate authority for Applicatoins and Projects:

Of course you can also delete users from this list. The user will be removed from TURNOVER but the *USRPRF will not be actually deleted from IBM i operating systems.


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