April 23


Upgrade CNX Valence with a Friday Fixpack

By NickLitten

April 23, 2021

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Download Install or Upgrade CNX Valence

Fresh in my email this morning, I had a notice from the propellor heads at CNX that a new fixpack was released. This includes a number of enhancements that I have requested so I’m intrigued to see it in action.

Download the latest Valence 6 maintenance build

Cnx valence - download valence and install/upgrade 1

Valence 6 build 6.0.20210421.0 is now available for download. This is by far the “meatiest” Valence 6 update released to date with all sorts of new NAB and Portal features.  

IMPORTANT: If you have any RPG exit programs handling NAB button clicks, which would be modeled after EXNABBTN (or any source containing “/define nabButton”), you must recompile the program after applying this update. Affected apps will throw up a “must recompile” message whenever a button-handling program compiled over a prior build is detected.

Some of the changes made since the last Valence 6 build include:

  • Nitro App Builder (NAB) – Charts: Added new app variable link for multi series charts: seriesClickField
  • NAB – Buttons: EXNABBTN-based programs now have access to all form and grid widgets in a single call
  • NAB – Forms: Allow form reset via EXNABBTN-based programs
  • NAB – Grids: Allow clearing of all grid records (clearAllData) via EXNABBTN-based programs
  • NAB – Grids: Added option on global search to not make a back-end call for data (local data search)
  • NAB – Grids: Adjusted group column text to honor column font formatting
  • NAB – Edit Grids: Added local data support, allowing developer to add “Save” button to apply edits/adds/deletes
  • NAB – Edit Grids: Allow hiding of the save/cancel buttons when auto update is set on
  • NAB – Data Sources: Added support for START WITH and CONNECT BY clauses in SQL-based data sources
  • NAB – Data Sources: Added support for implied joins in WHERE clauses of SQL-based data sources
  • NAB – General: Added ability to condition RPG program confirmation text with an app variable
  • NAB – General: Added functionality to allow application and section level buttons to be positioned top/bottom/left/right
  • NAB – General: Added ability to hide filters via an app variable
  • NAB – General: Any widget filters transformed to a checkbox now show a checkbox for the Initial Value setting instead of an entry field
  • Fusion5250: Added button to pull in 5250 hex stream for debugging purposes
  • Fusion5250: Added support for hyperlinks embedded within page
  • Portal Login: Added max concurrent session override at user level, which is specified in Portal Admin > Users
  • RPG Toolkit – vvUtility_isFusionJob: New procedure created to tell RPG program if interactive session is running in Valence / Fusion5250
  • RPG Toolkit – vvJava: Corrected issue where specifying a JDK override via JAVA_HOME in Portal Admin > Settings would cause a Java error
  • RPG Toolkit – vvJson: JSON service program rebuilt with storage model *INHERIT (formerly *SNGLVL)
  • VVMIGRATE: Added option to do a limited migration (via F24 key)
  • VVMIGRATE: Added Autocode directories to migration routine

Sounds like an interesting update to Valence!

Looking for instructions on how to Upgrade CNX Valence to the latest version?

Well – you’ve come to the right place.

How do I know how to upgrade CNX Valence? Because I was just scratching my head trying to figure out how to do the same thing. So, after reading the instructions and thinking “this looks pretty easy actually” it’s time to record the upgrade in real-time and post a video lesson on the steps involved, downloads needed, and give you an estimate on how long it will take. And of course, how easy/complicated/baffling/frustrating it is 😉

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