February 17


Upgrading to Drupal8 – Episode 3 The Return of the Jedi

By NickLitten

February 17, 2017

drupal, Drupal8

Episode 3 – Another year has passed

How on earth has a year passed since I had my failed Drupal8 experience?


Upgrading to drupal8 - episode 3 the return of the jediSo, it’s Friday, the weekend is looking and it’s time to try this upgrade again. Drupal 8 is now a year older, a year more mature and seems to be ready for the big time. I’m babysitting a customers INFOR #IBM-I ERP software install this weekend which will hopefully mean many hours of sitting aroun waiting for something to go wrong. You know that old saying about the devil finding work for idle hands – so I best keep busy and I will try to record the experience of Druapl7->Drupal8 and see if it helps any other Drupaleers out there that are contemplating the same fun experience.

WordPress vs Drupal

My main website clients are running WordPress. I manage between just over ten websites for clients and 8 of those are wordpress. There are lots of things that I really like about wordpress; it’s a solid integrated experience with a great series of plugins. But I miss Drupal; it does things differently and but I like the way it feels. It’s a seat of the pants thing.

Of course, I considered switching my personal blog (https://www.nicklitten.com) to WordPress. But, it’s been powered by Droopishness since Drupal4.6 back in 2007. #ShowingMyAge

So, lets do this thing and see where we end up

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