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May 5, 2021

Want to learn CL Programming?

By NickLitten

May 5, 2021


IBM Control Language has remained virtually unchanged over the years.

When the IBM AS400 was replaced by the IBM iSeries, fifteen years ago, a few little tweaks were added to CL but it remained remarkably unchanged. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

A few years later the sun set on the iSeries machine and the IBM Power Systems were launched, with the new IBM i operating system supporting CL in the exact same way as before.

Over recent years a few little neat options have been added to CL CONTROL LANGUAGE (subroutines, do/for loops for example) but it still remains virtually unchanged.

CL is super easy to use, super easy to code and super powerful.

Yesterday I was thinking:

“Maybe it’s time for a quick tutorial on CL, how it works, what it looks like and how to use it?”

Me. Thinking.


This morning, by sheer coincidence I found a comment on an old blog, describing a CL program to convert *SPLF’s into *PDF’s and email them. This comment was basically asking some questions about the CL code and also asking how to call CL from an RPG program.

So, a new training course was born.

Dive into my new LEARN CL course to watch this code being broken down step by step:

Want to learn cl programming

What is IBM CL?

IBM i Control Language (CL) is a powerful scripting language for the IBM AS/400, IBM iSeries and IBM i Systems. It’s got roots in the older IBM Job Control Language, and it works as a simple way to script commands, instructions and other functions into an easy-to-understand programs.

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