June 13


What causes the ‘changed outside of turnover’ iSeries error message

By NickLitten

June 13, 2012


changed outside of turnover – #AAAARGH

I’m currently working with IBMi (iSeries) Turnover change management system. It’s the best SCM (Software Change Management) application in IBMi land and has a great balance between being easy to use and very powerful.

I know the product fairly well, but it still grins and kicks me in the shins occasionally. This week I’ve been seeing a lot of “this program has been changed outside of turnover” warning message when checking Turnover Forms to promote code changes. But, when I use DSPOBJD to compare object differences, the only thing different is the last used and the change date. Maybe its a system authority change on the object? Or something deeper and trickier…

The trouble is… what exactly is Turnover checking when it compares the old and new objects?

I’ve frequently scratched my head over this so it’s time to submit the following question to SOFTLANDING SUPPORT

What exactly is the cause of “program has been changed outside of turnover” messages…

Objects (can be anything from a RPG to a *PF) are merely promoted and installed on remote machine… DSPOBJD shows details as the same. Getting this ‘changed outside of turnover’ error so much the developers are just ignoring it….

What is the exact list of conditions that set this message off?

Now… time to sit back and await the official reply…

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