What is DevOps and how does it work?


Feb 11

DevOps helps businesses respond to business, project and market changes quickly and fluidly. I’m not sure if fluidly is a word, but if its not, well, it should be. Devops focuses on many smaller high-quality software updates being rolled to users with a rapid schedule. Using continuous delivery and continuous testing to reduce risk, garner user feedback and smoothly improve software in small easy bite-size chunks.

How do you eat an Elephant?
One byte at a time.

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Arcad Software has a great description of DevOps:

Instead of managing huge transformations with a major user impact, DevOps produces a steady stream of smaller incremental changes that are more reliable, with less overall impact and more readily accepted by users.

DevOps is an organizational change that depends on automated, tool-based collaboration between all actors in a software project: from developers, to testers, operations and end-users.

  • Version control of all production artifacts
  • Develop and test against production-like systems
  • Continuous Build, Integration, Test and Deploy
  • Proactive monitoring of production environment
  • Continuous improvement

I’ve subscribed to this software development techinque for years – so check out there description here