June 23


Why is the Landrover LR3 unreliable?

By NickLitten

June 23, 2012

#Boris, #Landrover, explode, LR3

I’ve never had such a love hate relationship with a damn car!!

Boris the Landrover LR3 is my daily driver and I really do genuinely enjoy driving it. But this vehicle’s reliability is down in the swamp.

Why is the Landrover LR3 unreliable?

I can’t tell you – and I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to find the root cause. No joy.

I need to get rid of and simply get a car that starts and runs reliability. I cannot afford to sell because it has depreciated so much in the year I’ve owned it that I owe way more on the loan that its worth *sigh*

But wait… maybe there is a solution

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