April 25


Dirty Hack of the WDSC Turnover V100 plugins

By NickLitten

April 25, 2012

Turnover, dirty, hack

It’s Dirty but it works!

So this is a technique that I discovered while trying to get WDSSC7.0.0.8 working with the April 2013 build of Turnover V100 Windows Client. This works but I wouldn’t recommend it as this is a much simpler solution. Well.. while we are waiting for Unicom to release a backward-compatible plugins selection for Turnover V100. Assuming they ever will of course 🙁

If you absolutely must have the latest iteration of the standard Turnover V100 client – then you could try this. I wouldn’t recommend this technique as it is blending both versions, but it does work. Use at your own risk.

But wait we can trick it into working with our old WDSC install. It’s fairly straightforward but a little fiddly:

  1. Install WDSC
  2. ​Install the latest V100 Client
  3. Replace the Plugins from this new V100 client with the *older* ones
  4. Tada! It works lovely… maybe… try at your own risk 🙂


Then lets go…

1 – Install WDSC

I am going to assume you have already done this. If not then just follow these instructions. Come back here when you’re done

2 – Install Turnover V100 Client

I am going to assume you have already done this. If not then this time follow these instructions. Come back here when you’re done

3 – Replace the plugins with the older (*cough* LEGACY) ones

Download them from here

This will give you a ZIP file that looks like this:

Turnover plugins in the wild dirty hack

Basically we need to unzip this file into the same location. Overwriting any existing plugins that live in the folder.

So – look in C:/Program Files/TurnOver Client/TurnOver/eclipse/plugins/ and backup then delete all the com.softlanding.* folders you find there. Leave the folder empty.

Now unzip the plugins.zip to C:/Program Files/TurnOver Client/TurnOver/eclipse/plugins/

Plugins-extraction path and options. Png

When you have unzipped have a look at C:\Program Files\TurnOver Client\TurnOver\eclipse\plugins and it should look like this:

Dirty hack of the wdsc turnover v100 plugins 1

and that’s it!

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