#IBMi RDi 9.6 (Rational Developer for i) is available. Lets grab it and download!


Nov 16

Second Cup of Coffee – Check. Consumed Doughnut – Check. Removed crumbs and sticky remnants of doughnut from laptop keyboard – Check. And Face – Check. Calendar confirms that todays the day IBM release #IBMi RDi 9.6 – Check. Lets got and grab it – Check. 🙂

I’ve been running RDi for a while now and I’m very happy with it:


But with a new release running wild and the IBM trumpeteers sounding like RDi 9.6 has lots of under the covers changes, plus the fact that this isnt a straightforward upgrade makes it more interesting to us propeller heads. More interesting than an hour in SEU trying to write code only looking at 20 lines at a time, thats for sure!

It’s hard to think about using SEU for programming nowadays, but I know there are still a lot of people out there using the good old fashioned Stoneage Editing Utility. But come on team, if the modern coding platform RDi is now on version NINE there is a clue that maybe you are missing the boat.

If you haven’t set foot in the RDi waters yet – then follow me on the journey down this rabbit hole and lets get on with downloading, installing and have a quick look at it.

I seriously haven’t tried the new RDi 9.6 version yet so if this blog just wanders off into a series of Anglo Saxon expletives then don’t say you have been warned.


Step 1 – Visit the IBM i Rational Developer Shop

It’s only a short stroll down Diagon alley to https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/downloads/r/rdi/

#IBMi RDi 9.6

I have no idea if this TRIAL download will work with my existing RDi 9.5 license so lets try it out.


Step 2 -Download RDi 9.6

When I clicked download TRIAL (which seems to be the only version available) I see this:

download rdi 9.6

So, this looks like a fairly hefty 325 MB download.

Once unzip the readme.txt file is fairly terse:

Rational Developer for i

To perform an administrator install so that all users on this machine can use Rational Developer for i, run 'AdminInstall.bat'

Note: You must be logged in to the Administrator account and run as Administrator (right-click the program 
file or shortcut and select Run as Administrator).

To perform a non-administrator install so that the current user can use Rational Developer for i, run 'UserInstall.bat'

You will be prompted to enter your IBM id to access the IBM download site.

So, lets do this thing:


Step 3 – Unzip and run AdminInstall.bat

Unzipping this file took ages on my laptop.

No idea why.

Lots and lots of small files I am guessing.

Once unzipped I ran the ADMININSTALL.BAT as administrator

After thinking and pondering the meaning of life it pops this up:

So, just follow the prompts and it install and downloads even more stuff:

then asks me if I’m 32 bit or 64bit.

The bloody cheek of it. That’s #bitist

Then it has a little think and tells me it is going to install RDi (I wonder how long before we see the first patches?) and it looks like this will install alongside my currently installed version:

Now go and grab another coffee because this bit takes a few minutes. Long enough for a fresh brew. Or even a cup of tea. But never Chai Tea because that is clearly the juice of the Devil.

Finally – *BOOM*

INSTALLED – Lets Run it!


Step 4 – Run RDi 9.6

It asks if you want to use the same workspace and upgrade it to 9.6 format. I do. So I did:

Confirms that I want to allow this through my firewall:

and *BOSH*

I’m into RDi 9.6

I clicked MANAGE LICENSES and tried to apply my previous license:

and discovered

#BALLS – IBM want me to buy a whole new license to upgrade from 9.5 to 9.6?

Tell me that isnt true!

I will have to tinker with this and see if I can transfer my license from 9.5 to 9.6 and will come back here and updated the blog if/when I figure out how to do it.


UPDATE NOV 2017here is how you download and apply the latest RDi 9.6 license file 


However, lets put that to the side for a minute and lets get into RDi 9.6 and use it:

Step 5 – play with RDi

SPOILER ALERT – it runs great.

It *feels* slightly faster. I think this is because it’s Eclipse 4.6 but… but… that might be my imagination.

The hover on field values is really good and I can already see that being productive:

The compile listing functions seem much better.

I’m not going to write a full review.

I’m just going to start using it and enjoying….


I can still click and activate my old 9.5 RDi editor…

I guess there is no reason for you to avoid upgrading right now?

Plus, I need to go and wash this coffee stain off the right shirt cuff…





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