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January 9, 2021

Is Parler the new Twitter?

By NickLitten

January 9, 2021

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PARLER the last bastion of “FREE SPEECH”

During the course of 2020, we have seen the dystopian silencing of free speech on social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. New discourse applications like PARLER have spawned in this space to defend and champion this thing called freedom of speech. The four Big Tech companies do not like this competition.

Parler speak freely

Big Tech controls the political agenda, they control who can say what, and controls what you read on your social media feeds. Now they want to control where you can speak freely. This is far more sinister than any inane rambling that people like The Donald waffled about on Twitter.

Governments should not control what you say, what you hear, nor what you are exposed to!
Sadly, Big Tech Companies like Google, Apple and Facebook seem to think they are above that basic tenet of #FREESPEECH

If you are happy with the three or four techno-billionaires controlling all aspects of what news you can access then stay with Twitter. If not, then look at the social media networks advocating the public right of freedom of speech. There are a few players in this space, notably GAB and PARLER. After using both, I prefer the PARLER interface. The Android APP is clean and simple to use – check it out!

PARLER – the best Twitter alternative is now in the Big Tech cross hairs

Google bans parler

Google/Apple Blocks PARLER APP

Over recent days, Parler has been banned from Google’s play store and apples App Store! Banned for what? Parler was banned because they refused to censor what their users say, or discuss, using the Parler platform.

Amazon Blocks Parler

Yesterday, Amazon announced they will be blocking Parler’s use of Amazon AWS. The cited reason people have said horrible things on Parler. Makes me ask why they are not applying the same rule to Google? People have said horrible things in Gmail. Or Apple? People have said horrible things in Facetime.

AMAZON – Why the double standard?

What are these Big Tech giants scared of?

It seems a mobile app that allows people to freely discuss anything, to read real news reports of what happening, as it happens in real-time, without spin/agenda/propaganda is what is scaring these technology Giants.

What do you do, if Twitter’s Curated News Content is not the View of the world you want to live in?

Welcome to PARLER – the free speech alternative to Twitter

I’ve been using Parler for a couple of years now, first in Beta when it was launched as a free speech uncensored alternative to Twitter. It’s a place to read anybody’s view or opinions on politics, religions, nationality, race relations or just about any topic you can think of.

The premise behind PARLER is that we are all adults and we can choose who we want to read, listen or talk to.

Is parler the new twitter? 1
Twitter was once a supporter of free speech

I like it because it’s like going to an old traditional English Pub – where you can sit at the bar listening to diverse opinions and arguing the rights and wrong of what anyone says. A playground for critical thinkers and intelligent debaters.

It’s not the job of a technology company to control who you have the right to communicate with or respond to

Freedom of speech it’s a good thing right?

China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba, Afghanistan, Pakistan, All have Twitter and Facebook, But (like or loathe him) President Trump doesn’t!?

The USA is the only country on this list that has a Constitutional Guarantee of Free Speech 1st Amendment. However, this does not apply to privately run companies like these Big Tech.

Ironically, companies like Twitter were founded on the principles of Freedom of speech. Back in 2015, Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, argued against censorship and championed free speech (aka freedom of expression). But as the platform has grown in power, this direction has ominously changed:

Why has Twitter made a u-turn on freedom of expression? What can we do about quietly malevolent censorship of freedom of expression?

Since the Parler app has been removed from Google and Apple stores — you can download it yourself and this is how to do it!

How to download the PARLER APP

Is parler the new twitter? 2

Today the site was offline because the demand for it has increased exponentially and their poor little servers can’t handle it. I’m staying with Parler while their technical blokes are feverishly upgrading and polishing the servers go-faster paint jobs

If you’re using an Android you just need to do these short steps. I don’t use an iPhone so can’t help you fruity phone users

Install PARLER The Easy Way

Is parler the new twitter? 3

Using an XAPK Installer

The XAPK file extension eases the process of downloading apps which are not available in the Google Play Store. This new file extension (XAPK) is slowly making its way to the unofficial Android app stores.

The X Installer is a simple App that does all the work for you. It scans all the .apk and .xapk files on Android. The App automatically extracts the .obb data file and stores it in a preferred location. It then installs the APK file, thus you do not need to worry about any package or .obb file error on Android. The App can scan all the available files on Android and help in the installation of the same. So basically, the x installer will do the same for xapk files as apk installer does for apk files.

  • Scan and preview all .apk file on your phone and SD Card
  • Delete or install APKs automatically

Install XAPK Installer from PLAY STORE

I use the XAPK Installer from MTV Mobile (obviously you might prefer a different XAPK installer).

Just search for this in your GOOGLE PLAYSTORE on your phone:

Xapk installer for parler and other android apps (1)

Once it’s installed make sure you select INSTALL PACKAGES and READ/WRITE

Is parler the new twitter? 4
Xapk installer for parler and other android apps (3)

That’s the installer *installed*.

Close it to make sure the settings have taken place.

Download the PARLER XAPK file


Things are moving fast out there in internet land – as I write this, the current Parler version 2.6.10 can be downloaded here or you can download my mirror here

Now we can use the XAPK Installer to install the PARLER App


Using the XAPK installer, choose the freshly downloaded PARLER XAPK:

Find the xapk installer on your phone

When you run the XAPK installer it will ask you what to do

You can either let it search for your downloaded XAPK file or you can point it at the download folder on your phone. It’s up to you. Whichever option you choose, you will have to watch an advert (this earns the XAPK installer a few cents and it’s a fair trade-off I think) either way *boom* it should install nicely:

Automatically install parler

Using the AUTOMATIC option will search your phone and find the XAPK you just downloaded:

Downloaded parler app apk xapk

Simply click the downloaded PARLER XAPK and let the install happen

Install parler xapk
That’s All Folks!

Now find your PARLER app on your phones menu and…

Find parler app on your phone

Login or Create your PARLER account

Dive in and enjoy some waffle unencumbered by Big Brother staring over your digital should telling you what to say, punishing you when you step outside their rules and filtering what you are allowed to read.

Using parler after download xapk
  • Login to Parler
  • Follow people you find interesting
  • Waffle away


What is parler?

The parlour app developed by parlour LLC is an open-sided free discourse online media tool. It allows you to create your own free speech channels and have interaction with any social media members. Everybody has the right to openly discuss or respond to anything you say don’t. It can get messy but it’s a free uncensored messy.

Feel free to follow me on Parler. I don’t say very much very often, because most of my waffle I say on this website .

As you’ve just read 🙂

  • I just read that PARLER is offline because AMAZON has blocked access to their database. Now, PARLER is in discussion with a Russian Database host that believes in freedom of speech, while the American Amazon company does not… oh the irony!

    • I dont think so. But I do know that PARLER is offline at moment (Feb 2021) while they are relocating their servers to a host that does not censor free speech. No idea how long that will take tho… perhaps just check back in a few weeks…

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