Projex4i New Version – The Community Edition is coming 

 December 19, 2008

By  NickLitten

So, I’ve decided its time for me to step up to the plate (to use a strange Americanism) and get ready to take my collection of IBM i Software Developer Utilities to the next level…

*Deep Breath*

PROJEX4I is Ready… nearly šŸ˜‰

I’m at the final part of a major product re-write for PROJEX4I and a new version should ready to be released within two weeks. Projex4i has had over 500 downloads and some great feedback, ranging from critical reviews to glowing ones. Even the odd offer of a beer or two šŸ™‚ This has got me to thinking about how to find the time to create some of the funkier utilities I have floating around in my head. So, I think its time to monetize the application and offer Developers Tools that are comprehensively packaged in one easy to access application. Ultimately, the focus is on making tasks easier, therefore timesaving and giving something back to the IBMi community as a whole.
Software Projex - home of Projex4i
Before I waffle on too much, lets get to the nitty gritty: I’ve spent the last couple of months, adding some very cool utilities, enhancing some existing functions, upgrading the older sections of PROJEX4i to use fresher code techniques and rewritten a lot of stuff using service programs and procedures etc etc
I’m furiously trying to document everything at the moment…
The new version (PROJEX4I 2.0) should be online next week and will come with a COMMUNITY EDITION which is completely and a REGISTERED version – support based and perhaps making custom modification to fit specific companies requirements… Who knows I could make enough money to spend my life sitting on the beach writing code for people!
I’m not going to mail shot any of you that are already using Projex4i V1 – nor will you suddenly get hit with any . However, I am thinking of a way to provide registrations for Version2 if you wouldn’t mind trying the new version and giving me some feedback and/or bug reports?
I’m going to move this, personal blog over to a new server, perhaps running on wordpress at https://www.NickLitten.com and leave this PROJEX Server for a more dedicated focus on the application itself.
Exciting times…..


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Nick Litten

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