August 18


TURNOVER * Error restoring product support objects

By NickLitten

August 18, 2022

Turnover, Error

* Error Restoring Product Support Objects

You are probably here because you are running a TURNOVER IBM i UPGRADE and have seen this error message in your job log.

* Error restoring product support objects. See job log for details.

On our production machine we have strict password rules – and the automated install process attempts to create a profile called M4 which does not meet my companies’ password rules.

Error restoring product support objects

The cause of this “reason code 3” is:

Error restoring product support objects

Hopefully Softlanding will fix this problem in their install procedure in the next release.

Workaround for QPWDRULES problem

The workaround is simple –

  • turn off the rule
  • install the turnover upgrade
  • turn rule back on again

Turn off the QPWDRULES rule

Make a note of your setting in system value QPWDRULES.

You will want to change the value BACK after the upgrade is complete.


The System Value QPWDRULES screen should look something like this:

Qpwdrules error restoring product support objects

Run the installation command again

NOTE: Don’t forget to change it back to its original setting after the upgrade is complete.

  • Nick, that M4 profile is disabled after our upgrade (and Turnover works fine). Can we change the password to be something other than the default?

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