January 17


Upgrade Drupal 6 to 7 – Part1 Using MIGRATE and UBERCART

By NickLitten

January 17, 2015

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Las month my cousin, drumming demi-god Rob Litten asked me to help him upgrade his website. He has been running a very successful online drumming sensation called Drums The Word for a few years now. It’s a Drupal 6 eCommerce website running Ubercart focused on selling digital products — downloadable videos and drum lessons.

We played with WordPress for a while but he didnt like various things about the WP user Interface, we discussed Drupal 8 but it’s still in Beta and didnt think it was the right solution to this business critical eccomece website (not yet anyway) so Drupal 7 was selected, ubercart7 was chosen and it’s time to migrate from Drupal6 upto the much nicer (imho) Droop7.

#1 – Tidy up your old Drupal6 configuration as much as possible.

This is really a pretty straightforward and obvious process: we dont want to migrate a crappy, messy drupal 6 installation into a new shiney drupal7 one do we?

Anyway – Lets walk through a live example and I will do a screen-cast on youtube recording the actual migration bit. First of all, lets talk about the old Drupal 6 website. To get it tidy lets just do this:

  • Backup.
  • Install latest version of every module you are using.
  • disable all modules you are not.
  • uninstall disabled modules.
  • Install https://www.drupal.org/project/advuser
  • Install https://www.drupal.org/project/user_prune
  • Update and make sure the website looks nice….
  • BACKUP again.

Now lets turn those modules on, which should look something like this:

Upgrade drupal 6 to 7 - part1 using migrate and ubercart 1

I really like the Advanced User method of purging out (thats a polite way of saying DELETE) old users. So goto USERPRUNE in your admin set a filter value to clear old useless users. In this example I am selecting and deleteing users that have registered but never signed on (perhaps caused by ubercart cancellations during checkouts)

Upgrade drupal 6 to 7 - part1 using migrate and ubercart 2

And Boom… in this particular example of a Drupal6 tidyup it reduced the size of my user table from just over 7,000 users to just over 1,400. Looking at the deletion list the huge majority of these are spam accounts *huzzah*

So, I’m at the stage of feeling happy that Drupal 6 install is as neat and tidy as it can be so lets

This Series of Blogs covering migration from Drupal 6 to 7


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