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Upgrade Drupal 6 to 7 – Part2 Setup Drupal 7 website empty and ready to receive

By NickLitten

January 17, 2015

drupal, drumstheword

(follow on article from part one)

We are not focussed on running an upgrade here, instead, we are going to create a clean Drupal7 website and import (or migrate) the content into it.

#2 – Setup a Drupal 7 installation for a Drupal6 upgrade

So, we have the original Drupal6 website now running in a clean state, with old crap purged and unnecessary modules uninstalled and deleted. You mileage may vary but my websites look something like this:

Drum website in drupal6

and the new install of Drupal 7 — I set this up in a subdomain on the new server. It uses its own database, is separated into a drupal7.drumstheword.com subdomain, and is just good old plain vanilla Drupal 7:

Upgrade drupal 6 to 7 - part2 setup drupal 7 website empty and ready to receive 1

So, before we do anything else let’s make sure the Drupal7 instance has the essential modules installed. In my case this will be ubercart, migrate and the cool looking and very sexy migrate Drupal-to-Drupal module https://www.drupal.org/project/migrate_d2d

Upgrade drupal 6 to 7 - part2 setup drupal 7 website empty and ready to receive 2

So, basically, we are now ready to suck some data from the old website and blow it into the new website.

It’s a suck and blow world baby.

Learn about sucking and blowing here

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Part2 Setup Drupal 7 website

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