Wide Green Screens in IBM Client Access from 24×80 to 27×132

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January 19, 2013

Wide Green Screens in IBM Client Access from 24×80 to 27×132

By NickLitten

January 19, 2013

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Change Green Screen from 24×80 to 27×132 wide

The default green screen size is defined in a text file that that you can save anywhere you like. It is generally named after the machine that you are connecting to. This is stored at

"C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\Private\your-ibm-i-system-name.ws"

This is a text file that defines what the signon screen is going to look like for all users that run it.

This file will look something like this:

Rpg code snippet 27x132[Profile]
ScreenSize=27x132 – NOTE if this line doesn’t exist then it defaults to 24x80
DefaultKeyboard=C:\Users\LittenN\AppData\Roaming\IBM\Client Access\Emulator\private\AS400.KMP
A=3 617 274 976 622 7 12 20 400 0 IBM3270— 37

If the user changes their screen size from 24×80 to 27×132 and is are authorized to SAVE it then the new size will be stored. If the users are not authorized to save this file then it will revert to 24×80 every time they start a new signon.

If you are a corporate guy, then you can change the default for the entire property by changing the following line in this file


Once it’s saved and pushed to users then they will automatically see 27×132 unless they deliberately save it to 24×80

This change should not have any adverse effects for users.

I just recorded a video showing how to change screen size in new version of IBM Client Access – the new version is called IBM i Access Client Solutions (it’s now Java so it runs on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer) and it’s much slicker than the old Client Access referenced in this blog.

IBM i ACS – Making it Widescreen (24×80 to 27×132) » Nick Litten [IBM i AS400 iSeries] Software Developer
  • How can I change a screen to 27×132 in ibm i access client? I have all seu wide as 132 but all ibm menus became 24×80 including sign on screen. I have .hod file and also acssm.ini in Emulator folder. I was trying to insert Screen Size parameter as you shown but it did not work. It saved it but after I signed off the “screen size” line disappeared.

    • Some screens in IBM i are only shown in 24×80 format – for example the signon screen and standard IBM Menus.

      When you set your screen size to 27×132 it will allow you to see wide screen on the screens that support it – you can test it by going into WRKSPLF and looking at any spool file. If you have correctly configured as 27×132 you will see the *SPLFS in widescreen


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