IBM i ACS – Making it Widescreen (24×80 to 27×132)

I honestly have no idea why IBM would not use 27x132 as the default screen size!!

DUH - I forgot to mention setting SEU to widescreen in it's settings!

As we saw in the video, some screens in IBM i are only shown in 24×80 format – for example the signon screen and standard IBM Menus. So you may be confused after updating to 27x132 and then logging in and thinking "this doesn't look any different?!"

When you set your screen size to 27×132 it will allow you to see widescreen on the screens that support it – you can test it by going into WRKSPLF and looking at any spool file. If you have correctly configured as 27×132 you will see the *SPLFS in widescreen

Now - by default the SEU screen will still show 24x80 - I always set mine to widescreen in the SEU SETTINGS - but forgot to mention that in the video. #mybrainismushy

Set your SEU to display widescreen if your session support it

Go into any SEU and set your session size at 27x132

Press F13 from within SEU and :

Ibm i acs wide screen 27 132
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