Everything You want to know about AS400 / iSeries / IBM i Systems

About Everything You want to know about AS400 / iSeries / IBM i Systems

A history of the IBM i System from AS400 through iSeries thru System i up to current day and the IBM Power system running the IBM i Operating System

What do I get?

In this course we will walk through a series of PowerPoint Slides, discussing the history of the illustrious IBM AS/400, the IBM Series, the IBM Power System and take a high-level view of the machine infrastructure and software components. This course is an easy-to-follow series of short videos based on downloadable PowerPoint presentations, handout slides, and it's ideal for you if you're looking to understand how the IBM i System (commonly misgendered and wrongly called 'the four hundred') fits into your business.

Dive in right now and quickly get a good understanding of this famous machine, and understand the heritage and what the current IBM systems can enhance your business.

A brief history of the AS400

Text lesson

Do you know the difference between an IBM AS/400, iSeries, System i and IBM i Power System? Do you *think* that an AS400 is the computer that is driving your business? Do you call the business system "The Four Hundred"? Then this course is for you....

Video lesson

Module 2 - IBM i System Overview : Time to look under the covers and see what drives your IBM i System. From hardware technology, the software setup and a brief look at how the OS is structured. https://www.nicklitten.com/course/module-2-ibm-i-system-overview/

Video lesson

Module 3 - Diving Deeper into the IBM i Power System. Don't panic. Not too deep. Just a quick snorkel dive into the world of IBM i Systems and what makes them tick....

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Module 4 - IBM i Security and Authority : What makes the IBM i System so secure? Let's have a skim over the system authority, how it works and a brief high level overview of what it looks like.

Video lesson
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