First Step make sure your IBM i IWS is up and running go to IBM Navigator for i. This is easiest from IBM i Access Client Solutions or you can just enter the URL in your browser:

NOTE: other machines I've been on use port 2001 (rather than 2002)
Ibm navigator for i

From here was going to the IBM Web Administration for i

Ibm navigator for i - web administration

Now we are going to create a Web Services Server:

Setup ibm i iws integrated web server 1

1 - Name your new Webserver

Create webserver name

2 - Take note of the Webserver PORT numbers

Create webserver ports

3 - Define the JOBD for the Server

Create webserver jobd

4 - Define the USER for the Server

Setup ibm i iws integrated web server 2

5 - And thats it Folks!

Make a note of this information. This tells you everything you need to know about this webserver

Setup ibm i iws integrated web server 3

Thats it!

We are ready to get testing...

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