Verify the HTTP Server installation

Verify the HTTP Server installation

To verify that you have successfully completed the IBM® HTTP Server for i installation, follow these steps.

Before you can verify the IBM HTTP Server for i installation it is assumed you have installed the licensed program. For more information about installing the product, see Install HTTP Server on your server.

Has your UserID got the correct authority?

User profile requirements to use the Web Administration for i interface

By default, only users with *ALLOBJ and *IOSYSCFG special authorities can manage and create Web-related servers on the system through the use of the IBM® Web Administration for i interface. Web-related servers include instances of IBM HTTP Server, WebSphere Application Server, Integrated Application Server, and Integrated Web Services Server. A user without the necessary IBM i special authorities to manage or create Web-related servers requires an administrator to grant that user permission to a server or group of servers.

To be able to access the Web Administration for i interface, the IBM i user profile used to sign on must meet at least one of the following conditions:

  • The user profile has *ALLOBJ and *IOSYSCFG special authorities.
  • The user profile has been granted permission to an entire class of servers, or a specific server.
  • The user profile has been granted permission to create servers.

For example, if a user wants to create an HTTP server using the Web Administration for i interface, the user profile must either have *ALLOBJ and *IOSYSCFG special authorities, or have permission to create HTTP servers.

Only users with *ALLOBJ and *IOSYSCFG special authority are allowed to grant, revoke, or manage user permissions. The granting of permissions to a user profile is done through the Web Administration for i interface by giving user profiles that need to access the Web Administration for i interface roles to specific servers or a class of servers.

Start Your IBM i HTTP Server

Use the Start TCP Server (STRTCPSVR) command to start the essential server connection from your IBM i System to the outside world:

Start tcp admin server

Check Your IBM i HTTP Server is up and running

Use WRKACTJOB (Work With Active Jobs) to verify the HTTP Server subsystem is up and running:

Wrkactjob qhttpsvr

Access the IBM Web Administration for i from your browser

Start the HTTP Administration server using the STRTCPSVR SERVER(*HTTP) HTTPSVR(*ADMIN) command at an IBM i command prompt or you can use the graphical UI to do it all:

  1. In System i® Navigator, expand your_system > Network > Servers, and select TCP/IP.
  2. Right-click HTTP Administration, and select Start.

IBM Navigator for i by accessing the following URL from a Web browser where your_system is your IBM i server host name:

Ibm i access client solutions navigator for i

The HTTP Server is installed with a default server called APACHEDFT.

To test your installation, do the following:

  1. Click the Manage tab.
  2. Click the HTTP Servers subtab.
  3. Select the APACHEDFT server from the Server list.
  4. Click the Start icon next to the Server list.
  5. Click the Refresh icon and check if the server status is still shown as "Running". If your HTTP Server does not start, see Troubleshooting.
  6. Open another Web browser and go to where is the host name of your IBM i server to view the default Welcome page. The default Welcome page is a Web page that is returned by the APACHEDFT Web server.

Upon successful completion of these steps you will have verified the installation of IBM HTTP Server for i.

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