Testing IBM i Webservices using a Testing Tool - SOAPUI

What is SOAP UI ?

SoapUI is a popular tool for testing web services, especially SOAP and REST APIs. It allows you to create, run, and automate functional and load tests, as well as mock web services. SoapUI supports various technologies and protocols, including WSDL, WADL, HTTP, HTTPS, JMS, AMF, JDBC, and more12.

According to some sources, SoapUI can be used for testing IBM i web services, which are based on the Integrated Web Services (IWS) server. You can import the WSDL file of the IBM i web service into SoapUI and create test cases and assertions34. However, you may need to configure some settings in SoapUI, such as the SSL certificate, the HTTP authentication, and the SOAP version, to make it work with IBM i web services5.

Therefore, SoapUI can be a good tool for IBM i web service testing, but it may require some additional steps and adjustments.

You can find more information and tutorials on how to use SoapUI for web service testing on their official website1 or on other online resources.

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