This section provides general principles that must be considered in any modernization effort, regardless of the approach that you choose. It also provides a model to guide you through a modernization project. Following a model and a set of predefined rules helps you to achieve a mature modernization process. You should adapt this model to meet your needs.

Modernization is a discovery process and you must learn a lot. But even so, it is important to follow a model that can guide your way. There will be more than just one modernization project ahead, so prepare to record your journey so others can repeat your success and avoid your mistakes.

Modernization is not constrained to specific languages or platforms. There are thousands of software applications that must be modernized, and you are not the only one who has needed to undertake a modernization project. These principles and this model are applicable no matter what your situation.

The model that you are about to learn is not “carved in stone”. You should take the parts that are applicable to your modernization approach and your specific situation and adapt them.

There is plenty of room for improvement and creativity. Adopt the model and improve it any way that you need. Make sure that others can repeat it and improve it themselves so that you have a mature process that can reduce risks and uncertainty.

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