What is modernization?

About What is modernization?

High level view of the do's and don'ts of taking code from previous decades and repurposing it for the next generation.

Modernizing legacy AS400 and iSeries applications simply means transforming older Green Screen applications into Modern Browser/Windows/Mobile based application running on your IBM i System.

With any modernization project we are focussed on minimal changes to Business logic and database, resulting in low-risk and low-cost way to leverage your investment in your IBM i platform.

Modernizing older AS/400, and iSeries, applications has many advantages:

  • UI Modernization - Improves the Look & Feel of the application
  • Modular Business Logic - changing legacy RPG programs into small focussed modules
  • Web Reports and Dashboards - Users benefit from common tasks that they are familiar with
  • Future Friendly - Integrate webservices into Web, Mobile applications
  • Efficient - Event Driven Architecture
  • Secure Cloud Solutions - Migrate to cloud-based source code repository
  • Fast - Migrate DDS to DDL (SQL)
  • Efficient - SQL Based Stored procedures to streamline recurring business functions

September 16, 2021

Start with modernizing your database

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IBM Redbook Modernization of IBM i Applications

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