Library List, Types and Objects in more detail

Looking at Libraries, Objects, Types in more detail

Let's start by asking the system to display or view the contents of the QGPL library, we would issue the command DSPLIB LIB(QGPL)

Library list, types and objects in more detail 1

We can use the Work with Libraries command, WRKLIB, to list the libraries we have access to on the IBM i system. To display all of libraries, we issue the command WRKLIB LIB(*ALL); this will display a list of library names, along with their attributes, ASP device, and a brief text description of the library.  Putting the number 5 in the underscored Option section next to the library name and hitting Enter will display the contents of that library. If we just want to see a list of user libraries, we can issue the command WRKLIB LIB(*ALLUSR):

Library list, types and objects in more detail 2

Let's dive into and play with some object types and swim around a few libraries, talking about the types of objects we find in there:

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