What does IBM i Look like?

The IBM i Operating system


This is what we call background processes. ie: procedures quietly running and doing things that do not need human interaction. Think of web service, or a printer spooling up a PDF, or a process that runs every time you turn the machine on.

In IBM I SPEAK everything that executes is called a JOB.

So if something is running in the background, it is called a BATCH JOB


If you are using a screen, a terminal, physically using your fingers to type in a keyboard (or touchscreen of course) then you are using a INTERACTIVE JOB

Most people run software on their PC's to emulate the old-fashioned terminals. These screens are called 5250 Emulators - because 5250 was the old name for the clunky hardware used 50 years ago.


So, this is the good old Green Screen Signon (even tho its really a black screen):
Ibm i signon screen black green
Don't be confused by my screen examples using a different colour.
I prefer the black text on white background, just like my other Windows applications, so I set the colour in my emulator to show that:
Ibm i signon screen black white
Once you sign on you will presented with the main IBM i Menu:
Ibm i main menu

IBM i Menu Structure

IBM i uses a convenient, easy to remember, command structure for everything it does.

Menu's are simple to understand and all have a common layout:

Ibm i menu scructure

IBM i Procedures

Everything that executes, or *runs*, on IBM i is called a JOB.

This is the Work with System Activity (WRKSYSACT) command. You can see it has the same common style of all IBM i Screens:

Ibm i system activity wrksysact
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